The MacGap project provides HTML/JS/CSS developers an Xcode project for developing Native OSX Apps.

The project exposes a JavaScript API for OS X integration, such as displaying native OS X 10.9 notifications. The MacGap project is extremely lightweight and nimble; a blank application is about 380KB.


  • open-source
  • tiny compiled app sizes
  • Mac App Store compatible
  • access to many Mac OS X-specific features


MacGap 2 works on OSX 10.9 and later. MacGap 1 works on OSX 10.6 and later.


MacGap exposes an object called MacGap inside JavaScript.


MacGap was forked/ported from Phonegap-mac. It’s under the same license (MIT).

Custom Build

To build, make sure you have installed the latest Mac OSX Core Library. Download at

Just clone the repository and build in Xcode. The file public/index.html is loaded on startup.